Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Love My City!

I haven’t been home for almost 2 months and I got to say I missed Brooklyn. It was weird because when I went back home Thursday, I went to see my mother at her job. It was her birthday so I decided to surprise her because I told her that I wasn’t going to be home until Christmas. And I was enjoying the walk getting there. The smell of real Italian Pizza, and the bakery and just the smell that Brooklyn has it self, I notice a big difference right away. But it only got better. After I saw my mother at her school job, it was still early and I went into Manhattan to go see my sister at her job. And I was so happy to see the people on the train. Just seeing the quite old man, the ignorant and load Jr. High school kids that get out at that time of the day. The immigrant workers that are traveling from one side of the city to another for their jobs (don’t ask how I know that) and last but not least the interracial couples that disgust old fashion people. I was so happy being able to take the D train and observing and realized right than and their how much I love this city and Because Of the way it is I truly can’t say I would rather be anywhere else in the world. Even though you don’t think it no matter where you are in NYC, you end up seeing different things. And that’s apart of the great experience that this place really brings. I love New York and I would trade for the world. Well continuing the story I Went to 14th street and 8 Av where she works and just saw all the different people that her job alone brings. My sister works for a clinic in the village. In this clinic there a lot of Homosexuals and people who where one thing and now are something else. What I mean by that is at one point someone was a woman and decided they wanted to be a man and became that man. It hard to believe but I saw it when my own eyes and as freaky as it sounds, no matter what they are people and I was able to meet them and the are the most nicest group of people and my sister tells me that its always something new. Her job brings something new everyday and is never a dull day; I take her word for it. But I guess the point I was trying to make that In New York is a place where you expect the unexpected. You Got to love it, I know I do.

When Will I drive again?

According to my parents, I am not going to be able to drive until February. My father told me that by than he would have changed his insurance company, and then that is the only time when I can go for my license. This sucks because I can’t wait and I want to be able to drive. I feel so stuck in Staten Island. Not that it’s a bad place. But I am use to living in Brooklyn and driving all over Brooklyn, Maryland, New Jersey, Philly, and Florida. I use to drive my mother everywhere and I didn’t have a problem because I love driving. But also I knew that the car was mine after I was done driving her around. I have a trip coming up in April and hopefully I will be able to drive on that trip with my brothers. Also when I had a car I was able to go out and leave this hill. But for now I have to find way a round. My roommate is usually nice and we go around but I don’t know anymore. But I also wonder how I am going to be behind the wheel. I did into a car accident and yeah I am over it but its going to be a while until I start driving. I don’t know, I feel a little scared to get back into it. But we will see I guess. I got a lot of thinking and revaluating to do.

Broke, No Job

It sucks not having a job; I need some sort of income. I mean I do have money in my account. But I worked so hard to build it up and I don’t want it decreasing. I am not cheap but I just want so money on the side so that money that I have in the banks can be use when I really needed, in case of an emergency, you know something to lean on. I apply around the area and even in Brooklyn and no luck. Wow I don’t what I am going to do. This isn’t even a journal entry or a blog. This is my own why for pleading for help. I need to be able to support myself. But I don’t where to start. Another fact is not having a car anymore, I know that there’s public transportation. But I am not a Staten Local. I know I should take the time to learn but I just don’t. I guess I can’t get help if I don’t help myself. …

Happy Feet surprisingly mean….

I have a lot mixed feelings with this movie. I guess why I didn’t such a problem with it before because I though it was a cute concept with the penguins. Also because it was the first movie Brittany, my girlfriend, and I saw together. But then when I actually sat down and watched the movie and just thought the Hispanic penguins were a little two Hispanic. Like they were pushing the envelope with that, but being that it was a children’s movie I don’t think to many people caught it. I feel like the movie industry thinks that it’s ok to make fun of certain races. I mean Robin Williams was the voice of the Hispanic penguins named Ramón. Now I love Robin Williams, He is such a great actor. I actually think that he did a great job playing this Hispanic penguin. But this is not the first movie that portrays minorities in cartoon movie. Like In shark Tales that stars Will Smith. There are two jelly fish represent to Rastafarian Caribbean characters most likely from Jamaica or Trinidad. Although it may be funny and cute to see in cartoon movies but doesn’t make necessary makes it right. Just remember kids absorb things like no one else and they may be young but they pick things up and I believe that whatever they see in the movies is correct. I Know I was allover with my opinions but to say where I stand is I loved the movie Happy Feet. But I think that Hollywood should just think twice the misconceptions from certain ethnic groups. Like I said before, It maybe cute but it doesn’t make it right.

2-0 Broadway...

I was supposed to write this blog a while ago, but I finally have the chance to write it. So the reason for why I am 2-0 with Broadway is because I was scheduled to go see Spamalot. But sadly I didn’t get to see it because there was so payment issue with the school. That’s understandable but the thing is that I was looking forward to Avenue Q. But than the Broadway Strike Happened, I felt like I couldn’t catch a brake. I mean I am happy that the strike is over and I can go watch the shows but when you stop and think about it, this situation really gives you a chance to really appreciate Broadway. That’s one of the things that make New York special. For this strike New York (economically) took a hit of 38 million in losses due to this strike. But you know what the shows that the people that work on these plays and shows truly pour out their soul when they perform because I love it and I just can’t get enough. I can’t wait to go back. You hear me Ave Q! I can’t wait to go and see you!

Discover New York Labs

I am very upset with the discover New York Labs. I didn’t like any of them. I felt that they were irrelevant and unnecessary to the class of Discover New York. I don’t understand why we even need them in the first place. Alcohol Edu is something that is informative but yet isn’t effective at all. People still drink when they go to a party that is even the reason why people go in the first place, but that neither here nor there. I just felt that these labs or online course aren’t helpful at all. Another thing that bother me was the fact that the class took place during common of hour which is time where could have been used for something else like sleep or homework time. This shouldn’t be apart of another course and not Discover New York. In a way it takes away from all the fun and idea of the class. I like the class the way its, it would have been a little better without the side tracks of the labs and the online course. I don’t know though, maybe I am the only one that feels like this but all I can do is just write my ideas in the place I call my own, my blog.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fordham Women's Basketball Game against Marist....

All I Have to Say Is that I love my Roommate/ Fraternity brother Andy, Because he dragged to a Fordham University women’s basketball game. The reason why we even went to the game was for his girlfriend. She is a cheerleader for the school and we mainly came to see her. But she didn’t do much so we ended up just watching the entire game. I was dying, in the sense of boredom. You would think that a women’s basketball game would be great because all the good looking chicks running around for 40 minutes. Instead the girls really weren’t that good looking and these girls did not deserve to play basketball. And wasn’t just Fordham’s team, it was Marist’s team as well. One thing that did make the game better was all the fouls and hits these girls took that night. So many girls fell and were extremely funny. I though the game was actually going to go for 4 quarters, But instead it only went for two, but at the end of the night we went back home and laughed of all the things we saw. Overall it was a good night